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    Lawn Care

    Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

    The Premier Lawn Care Program

    As Wichita’s locally owned fertilization and weed control specialists, Premier can ensure your lawn stays healthy and weed free all year. Our 7-step program is made up of the best fertilizers for the season and turf present and the most effective weed management materials.

    The Premier Difference

    Our materials are excellent, but even a great program won’t create a beautiful lawn unless the material are applied by licensed, experienced and committed technicians at the right time of year. We understand what your lawn’s specific needs are and how to treat different grasses that you may have.

    Premier can take the hassle out of lawn care with the knowledge and experience to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Our fertilization and weed control program professional provide one-on-one attention in

    Click here for more details on our 7-Step Program

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    Fall Grass Seeding

    Help Your Lawn Beat the Heat

    Few things compare to the beauty of a thick, green and lush Fescue lawn! In order to have that kind of beautiful lawn, annual seeding is required. Unlike Bermuda, Fescue grass does not regenerate from year to year. Fescue grass naturally thins and can become sparse, especially during the hot Kansas summer months.

    How it Works

    Typically, we begin seeding our customers’ lawns in mid-September. This is the best time of year as the daytime temperatures are beginning to decline but the soil temperatures are warm enough for seed germination. We core aerate the lawn, apply the proper rate of a high quality Fescue seed blend (one with 0% weed seed) and end with a starter fertilizer.

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    When To Fescue Seed Your Lawn

    Fall is the best time to seed your lawn. The seeding window begins in September and starts to fade in late October.

    Schedule Fescue Seeding for Premier Lawn Care Customers only

    Fescue seeding has a fairly short window, so if you have a full or partial shade lawn, contact us for a free, no hassle quote for your Fescue seeding this season.

    Click Here to read our Seeding Disclaimer

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    Lawn Core Aeration

    What Is Core Aeration?

    Over time the top 2-3 inches of soil becomes compacted by water, drought, extreme temperatures and daily to extreme traffic. Compaction restricts the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrients to the roots of the plants. Limited movement of these crucial items causes root growth to be restricted, turf health decline, and turf to thin. Clay soils are especially susceptible to compaction and would greatly benefit from aeration yearly.

    A Core Aeration is the process of removing small cores 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter and about 2 inches deep. If the soil if very compacted and dry it is best to water the lawn to 2-3 inches for optimal results.

    The cores are removed and placed on the top of the soil by the aerator, the cores will break down returning the soil and the nutrients back to the lawn. Before the cores break down, the lawn will have a messy appearance. To reduce the messy appearance the cores can be raked to break them up quicker.

    For extremely compacted soils a double aeration can be done.

    When is The Best Time to Aerate Lawns?

    Aeration is best for this type of turf when performed during early Fall and early Spring, it is most commonly associated with overseeding of the lawn.

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    Prevent and Control Fleas & Ticks In Your Lawn

    Protect your home, family and pets from pesky fleas and ticks. No need to stress because Premier uses child and pet friendly products. Applications can offer control up to 45 days after each treatment.

    Premier offers a 4-Step Program or individual treatments to help control these pests. Contact us today for your free quote!

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    Grub Control

    Grubs are nasty pests. They feed on organic matter in the soil and destroy the grass root system of your lawn causing dead patches and poor growth. Our grub control application is highly recommended to prevent or get rid of grubs if found in your yard. Let us know how we can help!

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    Tree and Shrub Care

    Tree and Shrub Spraying

    We don’t recommend fertilizing your trees and shrubs that are in the turf as they are also receiving the fertilizer that the lawn is getting. We don’t want to over fertilize, stress or harm your trees and shrubs. For those trees that could use some additional nutrients and/or look like they need some extra attention give us a call and we will happily assess your trees and shrubs. The Premier professionals can come up with a plan for your exact trees and shrubs that will be beneficial in all areas.

    Tree Injections

    Tree injections are the future in creating healthy trees while limiting the impact on the environment. We can inject your tree with nutrients, insecticides, or growth regulators to help your tree and its needs. Injections are usually best done in Spring or Fall and can last up to two years after treatment.


    Kansas gets hit hard every year with damaging Bagworms that attack trees and shrubs. Premier is also your solution for Bagworms treatments. Those pesky worms usually arrive in June and July each year.

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    Landscape Bed Weed Control Programs

    At Premier, we offer a complete Landscape Bed Weed Control program. It consists of an analysis of the type of weeds present; this is important because you may have annual or perennial weeds, which require different control strategies. We then create a plan to control them through a series of 4 or 5 applications. The applications are scheduled for specific times during the growing season and use both pre-emergent and post emergent weed control products. These programs control certain weeds before they emerge and become problems and also controls weeds already present. It is a superior program guaranteed to control all of the tough weeds in your landscape beds!

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    How to contact your Premier Turf Team


    Licensed. Experienced. Committed.

    Justin Page
    Fertilization Foreman

    Questions? Let us know.

    Call or text: 316.733.4773


    What Our Customers Are Saying

    "The staff was very professional and proactive on our regular schedule service. They contacted us days prior to confirm times and always have done what they said they would and when they would do it."

    Luke Luttrell

    "Premier Landscape installed a new sprinkler system for me and also handles my lawn treatment / fertilization, and sprinkler winterization. Good quality work, reasonably priced, and professional. Very helpful and responsive with any questions. I recommend them whenever family and friends are in need of a good landscape and lawn care business."

    Ian Worrell